Tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in northern Virginia (good ole' Fauquier County) but fell in love with the Shenandoah Valley while getting my BA in Communication, Technology and Culture from Bridgewater College. I graduated in 2015 and landed my first job at a small communications company nearby, writing mostly technical web content for over a year before moving on to Rosetta Stone, then after nearly 5 years, RunBuggy.

I love my job, but I can only be but so creative while writing support articles, so I launched Bloom Media Strategies LLC in 2020 to exercise my quippy writing chops on the side (and to make some extra money, duh).

I also graduated in 2021 with my MA in Digital Media Strategy from Bridgewater College.


What does Bloom Media Strategies do?

We go gaga over digital media strategy and smart content. At Bloom Media Strategies LLC, we help small and mid-size businesses grow and thrive by amplifying your online appearance and presence so when potential and returning customers find you, they're insanely impressed. We make finding you online easier, too, by making sure you're present and attractive on the platforms your target audiences are already using, whether that be social media, search engines (SEO), other websites, message boards, or even print!


That sounds like what I need. Can we talk about working together?

Yes! Send us an email at [email protected] with some basic info about what you're looking for and we can definitely set up a virtual meeting. If you're within an hour or two of Harrisonburg, VA, I'd be happy to make the trip to your office, or we can meet at a coffee shop somewhere in between.


Okay, now what about the fun stuff?

My Aussies, Koda and Hazel, are my life and I'm an active volunteer for Aussie rescue organizations. House plants are my jam and I do my best to keep them alive. I'm a fiend for hot pockets, sugar-free Redbull and soy candles, and I firmly believe that Stitch Fix is the world's most genius invention. 206 is my lucky number and I was the mascot my senior year of high school.

The greatest compliment I've ever been given is that my jokes are too dry for some people to understand (similar to Steven Wright). I like to change my own oil, drive stick and have my boating and motorcycle licenses. I bought my first house at 25, mostly so my dogs can have the backyard they deserve. And yes, my grey hair is all natural. Thanks, genetics!


Lastly, how do you feel about Oxford commas?

(But, I will use them if you like them....)


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