Who are you?

Writer. Em dash enthusiast. Dog mom. Shade tree mechanic (yes, really).

My name is Katie LaBranche and I'm a small-town writer and digital media strategist looking to make a big difference. My sweet spot is the intersection where technical writing and creative copy meet β€” I help companies create web content that is simple, yet accurate, so consumers can understand it and industry partners (and even competitors) will respect it.

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Andrea Dorman, Realtor and Project Director

"Katie is thoughtful and clever and one of the most industrious people of her age I have encountered. She has an eye for good design and can twist technical words into amusing topics like few others."

Dr. Sam Hamilton, Director of Digital Media Strategy at Bridgewater College

"Katie is thoroughly unpretentious and results-oriented. In each of the different projects in which she is invested, she is as comfortable pushing others to do better, as she is comfortable pushing herself."

Naomi Ornstein, Graphic Designer

"There’s a natural flow that comes from Katie's writing. Whenever I ask her to look over my designs or need her to edit something, I always know she’ll find a way to help my work shine with her words!"

Katie Raeburn, Customer Marketing Manager

"Katie is the quintessential collaborative writer. She's always willing to share ideas or offer insights and is an incredibly valuable team member."

Hazel & Koda, My Dogs


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